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We at ECSL believe that if health is your destination, nutrition is the way. Food is a game changer. It can make or break your health.

We believe that one does not need fancy ingredients and imported fruits to stay fit. Healthy bodies are made in our very own kitchens with the food that we are used to eat.


What I Offer For Good Health?

Healthy Diet Plans for Everyone, whether you're looking for weight gain, weight loss or just maintaining your current weight. Whether you're 16 or 45, a teen or a lady who just delivered, Fitness is for everyone.

Nutrition Coaching

Customised Diet Plans to fulfil your daily nutrition requirements.

Lose Weight

Lose Weight will full day eating diet plans, tailor-made just for you.

Cooking Resources

Your favourite foods made healthier with quick and easy recipes

Gain Weight

Munching all day, still struggling to gain weight? We have a solution!

Balance Body Mind

Learn mindful eating and nourish your body with the food you eat.

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Nourish, don't punish!

Get an easy-to-follow diet plan that is tailor-made for you and get freedom from starvation and restrictive diets.

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Nourish, Don't Punish!

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Eat Right, Not Less!

Good Bodies Are Made In The Kitchens!